Welcome to Liberal Students LSK!
The goal of Liberal Students LSK is to function as an organisation that gathers together all students in Finland with liberal values. Our goal is to be active and influential in politics concerning higher education in Finland both on a national and a local level.
What do we mean with 'liberal values'?
Liberalism for LSK means, essentially:
1. That we believe in the strength of individuals and everyone's right to develop themselves, fulfil their dreams, and be respected for who they are
2. We believe in everyone’s responsibility for their own lives & destinies
3. We believe in a strong civil society with high citizen participation
4. We believe that the state is there for the individual, not the other way around
5. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone
We have active local departments in Turku, Vaasa and Helsinki. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are intrested in becoming a member of LSK,  or in other ways become active in our organisation! Get in touch with andrea(a)liberal.fi.
Did you know...?
That you do not have to be a Finnish citizen to become active within Finnish politics or be elected into a political office?


Did you know...?

That we also have an English-speaking working group at LSK, the International Committee, which consists of both international and national students who have an interest in international student affairs.

The International Committee discusses, among other things, issues related to the daily lives of international students in Finland, issues related to integration into Finnish society, political policies affecting international students, the internationalization of Finnish universities, as well as student politics and programmes for students at the European level.

We meet 8-10 times per year, where we focus on the topics that we think are important at the moment. We have several ways in which we can have our voice heard: through the media, by writing press releases and opinion pieces, but also directly through LSK's Chairperson. Since we are affiliated with the political youth organization Svensk Ungdom, we have the possibility to carry out political work together with their representatives as well. In addition, we have direct contacts with several representatives of the Swedish People's Party in Finland (SFP), such as Members of Parliamet and Ministers.

Join us in our activities! Make new contacts, get direct experience of political work, gain understanding of the political landscape in Finland, and, perhaps above all: have fun! If you are interested, please contact the Chairperson of LSK international at elena.mazurova(a)liberal.fi. The working language of LSK's International Committee is English.